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Seriously Organized Was Founded By Nikki Havens

August 19, 2015
Nikki Havens founded Seriously Organized in 2006 because she saw a real need for a high quality professional organizing company that could promise prompt services at a reasonable cost. The company has not only been successful, it has grown by leaps and bounds. Nikki Havens is proud of the company as it exists and is sure it will continue to grow in the future. She has helped numerous clients to clean up messes and get more organized for the future. Turning a “junk room” into a study or office is just what Seriously Organized does.

Seriously Organized is today the largest professional organizing company in Minnesota. On a number of occasions the company has been featured on television and in newspapers. This is because it is the company that sets the standard for professional organizing in the area. Companies, individuals, and organizations have continually sought out Seriously Organized for help because they produce the right results.

Seriously Organized has even helped hoarders, the kind you often see on those television shows. They are more than willing to help those who want to help themselves—and Seriously Organized has proven that they can not only help to clean up the mess, but provide a set-up which will allow the individuals or families to stay organized in the future.
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